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Happy Belated Birthday : )

May 5, 2010

I’m feeling  a little guilty for not sharing these photos of Guiseppe’s 2nd Birthday that happened over a month ago. I guess that’s just how it works. I had mentioned a while back that I was going to cut his hair on his birthday and then post some pics of the end results. Maybe I was traumatized just as much as he was by the whole ordeal. It was probably a bad idea to do it an hour before his actual party. Thanks to the Cioa Bella Salon for putting up with his horrible screaming of bloody murder for 1/2 hour straight before Aunty Becky gave up. Sorry G for making you go through with that. You were still so cute on your birthday. I love you.

So from here on I will have to turn the credit over to my Becky from McPhee Photography. I knew she had taken over my camera when she noticed my hands full with hosting. A few days after the party when I actually sat down to look at the pics I was put to tears by the way Becky captured some moments I didn’t notice at G’s party. Thank you Becky. I love your photography.

This is him watching me open his presents. He still looks traumatized from the haircut. : (

Getting help from Papa with his Orange peeling

OMG!! A picture of me sitting with Grandpa Dennis. The cake I made sucked by the way! Big time. O well : )

And he STILL hates the birthday song!

Happy Birthday G. Here is to many, many more. Your are my love forever. xoxoxoxo


How much can a kid love a train set. So much he plays with it for hours and hours and hours. Dad knew what he would like.

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