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Mauk Family Wedding

June 23, 2017

This family was as sweet as it gets. I could feel the love. Families united with love. #happyphotographer #gervasiphotography #maulkfamilywedding Thank you B+C for sharing your special day with me -Your friend, Angelina 🙂

B63E3789 vintage

B63E4135 vintage

B63E4106 vintsg 2

B63E4062 vintage

B63E3769 vintage

B63E3741 vintage

B63E3415 vintage

B63E3437 vintage

B63E3291 crop

B63E3302 toned

B63E3230 vintage

B63E3227 vintage

B63E3842 vintage

B63E3829 toned

B63E3496 vintage

B63E3567 vintage

B63E3590 vintage

B63E8612 vintage

B63E4320 color tone

B63E4147 vintage

B63E3038 vintage

B63E3058 vintage

B63E3020 vintage

B63E3928 vintage

B63E3931 vintage

B63E8649 vintage

B63E4412 vintage

B63E4213 vintage

B63E8661 vintsge

B63E8693 vintage

B63E8704 vintage



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